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FundMe is Israel's leading crowdfunding platform.
Always keep everything that you raise.
There's no better way to crowdfund today.

0% platform fee

There's a reason that we're number one.

Since 2009, we've helped more Israelis to successfully fundraise online than any other platform. Here's why: More features, more themes, more flexibility - and less fees. That's why non-profits love to create campaigns with GivingTech.
No fee fundraising
Unlike other platforms, with us you pay no platform fees - only the credit card fee. That's because instead of collecting a fee from you, we ask the donor to leave us a tip.
It's easy to launch a campaign.
Create your campaign using our easy-to-use wizard. Then complete our digital onboarding progress. Once done, your campaign is live, and you can fundraise in 8 languages and 100 currencies. Create your campaign using our easy-to-use wizard. Once done, your campaign is live, and you can fundraise in 8 languages and 100 currencies.
Analytics and tracking
Use our cutting edge analytics and tracking marketing tools to assess the performance of your promotions, advertising, and affiliate partners.
0% platform fee

Unlike other crowsfunding platforms, we don't charge platform fees.

Easy to create

Use our easy-to-use wizard to create a campaign in multiple languages.

Online approval

Submit your ID, do a quick video chat, and start fundraising!

Instant approval

Create your campaign and it goes live instantly!

Payment methods

We accept all credit card brands, PayPal, Bit, Apple Pay, and bank transfer. We accept all credit card brands, PayPal, Apple Pay, and ACH bank transfer.


For creators and causes, fundraise recurring monthly donations.

Campaign types

We offer 5 campaigns types to choose from, like ambassadors and matching.


Accept donations in 100 international currencies and 8 languages.


Email, phone, and live chat support for you and for your donors.

Shopping around? We'll make it easy.

With other platforms, you pay high platform fees on every donation that you receive. But not with IsraelGives.

No platform fees? Here's how.

How is it that everyone charges platform fees but we don't? That's because instead of charging you a fee, we ask the donor to leave us a tip. These tips help to cover our platform expenses.

The only thing that you pay is the credit card fee and a small transaction fee of ₪1.20.

Credit card

For private fundraisers, we charge an aggregated credit card fee of 2.9%, which covers all credit card brands, Bit, PayPal, and tourist cards. Charities can choose the payment processor of their choice.

International payments

There is a 5% fee for international payments. If you're an amuta, we can provide tax-receipts in 32 countries (including Israel). To learn more, click here.

Five amazing ways to launch a crowdfunding campaign.

Classic crowdfunding campaign

Set a goal and try to raise as much as you can, from donors around the world. Always keep everything that you raise.

  • Set a goal and challenge your supporters to help you meet it.
  • You always keep all of the funds that you raise
  • Create campaigns in multiple languages

Ambassadors (Team) campaign

Turn your supporters into fundraisers. With a click, your supporter can join your crowdfunding campaign as an ambassador.

  • Supporters can join your campaign and create their own page.
  • Easily track all of your ambassadors and their fundraising.
  • Send messages to your fundraisers to keep them on target.

Reward crowdfunding campaign

Offer a prize or product in exchange for a donation.

  • Offer different rewards for different donation amounts.
  • Add images, sell in multiple currencies.
  • Easily track donations and rewards.

Matching crowdfunding campaign

Incentivize your donor to give by offering to match every donation they make.

  • Drive your donors to donate with a matching donation up to 10x
  • Create a bonus round to further incentivize giving.
  • Raise one-time or monthly donations.

Recurring membership crowdfunding

Encourage your supporters to join your cause by making a recurring monthly donation.

  • Set a fundraising goal of members instead of money.
  • Payments recur every month automatically.
  • Donations can last forever with Infinite Donations.
Pricing breakdown

Here's a summary of all fees:

Platform fee
Credit card fee
1% - 2.9% 1.2% - 3.5%
Per transaction fee
₪1.20 20¢
Foreign currency fee
There is also a one-time registration fee of ₪500, which is deducted from the funds that you raise. Prices do not include VAT.

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