Free, Unlimited Email Marketing

With GivingTech, send over 2.3 million emails from an email platform integrated right into your CRM and fundraising platforms.

Here's what you'll find in the GivingTech Email Platform

Your mail server

Receive a free AWS server and send over 2.3 million emails a year - free.

Newsletter Wizard

Easily create newsletters using our templates or WYSIWYG wizard, or import from your favorite platform.


Track sent, bounced, open, and click-through rates in real-time.

ROI Insights

See how many donations and much revenue each newsletter brings in.

Automated Lists

Create dynamic marketing lists that automatically update as new donations come in.

Donor and Leads

Easily mail both donor groups and lead lists, synced right from your CRM.

Converted Leads

Leads are automatically converted into donors when they donate.


All newsletters and performance are recorded in your Donor and Lead profiles.

Free, Unlimited email marketing

Once you've signed up for GivingTech, we help you to create a free Amazon Web Services (AWS) mail server, and connect it to the GivingTech platform. From AWS you receive 62,000 free emails a month, and with a $2,000 AWS non-profit grant (via Techsoup), you can send 2,300,000 free emails per year.

There are no monthly fees or membership plans. Free is free.

Tracking your revenue

How effective are your newsletters?

Email marketing platforms are great at reporting the open-rate, bounced-rate, and click-rates of your newsletter. But GivingTech goes beyond this - reporting to you the number of donations and total revenue that you receive from each mailing. And in each donor's profile, you'll see the donations that they made from your different mailings.