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We make it easy to create online funding campaigns, and to receive donations from around the world.

Countdown campaigns. Rewards. Matching. Teams. Sport events. Lotteries. Membership.

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FundMe crowdfunding platform

Create a campaign in 15 minutes or less, access your donations immediately, and keep all that you raise.

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Who can create a campaign?


Create a campaign to raise funds for your non-profit. All donations are tax-deductible in 19 countries.


Individuals can create campaigns to benefit a non-profit, or can collect money for themselves or for others.

Some great features

Instant Approval

Create your campaign using our easy-to-use wizard and get immediate approval. Be up and fundraising in 15 minutes or less.

Live Support

Get live support in English, French, and Hebrew, for you and for your donors


Fundraise in 45 currencies and create your campaign in multiple languages.


Branded campaigns for bar-mitzvahs, memorials, environmental campaigns, and more.

Immediate access to funds

Some websites make you wait 60 days to get your donations. With us, you keep every donation that you raise, and receive it instantly.


Charity donations are tax-deductible in Canada, the U.S., Australia, France, the U.K., and Israel.

Mobile friendly

Your campaign is optimized for mobile giving and your donors can give in just one click!

One-time and recurring

Create a goal-based campaign, or a membership drive to recruit recurring monthly donations.

Types of Campaigns

There's more than one way to launch a campaign. Pick the approach that's right for you.

Classic campaign

Create a crowdfunding campaign and recruit masses of small or large donations from donors in Israel and around the world.

  • Set a fundraising goal and challenge your supporters to help you meet it
  • Even if you don't reach your goal, you always keep all of the funds that you raise
  • Create multilingual campaigns that link
  • Get donations in 45 currencies
  • Donors can also make recurring monthly donations

Team Campaign

Let your supporters join your cause. In a click, donors can add their pictures and message to your campaign and create their own personalized campaign. Great for Marathon and sports fundraising teams.

  • In a click, our supporters can join your campaign and create their own personalized version of your campaign
  • Every supporter then becomes a fundraiser, bringing you new donors and donations
  • Easily track all of your team members and their campaigns through your account
  • Get donations in 45 currencies
  • Donors can make a one-time or recurring monthly donation

Reward campaign

Offer your donors rewards in return for their donation. Crowdfunding campaigns have swept the world because they allow donors to get something back in exchange for their donations.

  • Offer your donors a reward or prize in exchange for their donation
  • Offer different rewards for different donation amounts
  • Easily track donations and rewards through your account
  • Get donations in 45 currencies.
  • Donors can make a one-time or recurring monthly donation

Matching Campaign

Raise twice, three times, or four times as much you ever thought you could. With a Matching Campaign, a donor agrees to match every donation that your donors make. You come home with twice as many donations, and the match incentivizes your donors to give!

  • Drive your donors to donate with a matching grant - 2x, 3x...up to 10x your campaign goal
  • Option to limit your campaign to 24 hours to further incentize your donors
  • Get donations in 45 currencies
  • Donors can also make recurring monthly donations

Join. Donate. Repeat.

Create a Patreon-style membership campaign to recruit donations that automatically recur every month, and continue forever.

  • Set a fundraising goal in terms of members (instead of dollars)
  • Donations recur every month automatically
  • Automated receipting to all donors
  • Donations can last forever with Infinite Donations

Personal advice and support

Get human support for all of your technical needs, and an expert team of fundraising professionals to consult with when deciding what tools best fit your organization.