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GivingTech is the first free all-in-one fundraising platform.
CRM. Email marketing. Task management. Fundraising.
It's all included, and it's free for non-profits everywhere in the world. Join over 4,000 non-profits and sign up today!
GivingTech - by IsraelGives - is Israel's leading fundraising and donor management platform.
CRM. Email marketing. Task management. Fundraising.
Everything a non-profit needs, and starting at 0% fee.
Join over 4,000 happy non-profits and sign up today!

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No fee fundraising

With FundMe, our crowdfunding platform, you can crowdfund one-time or recurring donations for your own cause or for any non-profit organization in Israel.
Check out some of our latest campaigns, and then instantly create your own crowdfunding campaign.
About GivingTech

Technological innovation for
non-profit fundraising

We're leading the way in innovative technologies to simplify and empower your fundraising and donor management.
Artificial Intelligence

We use AI to chat with donors, to rescue donation attempts, and to create insights on fundraising opportunities

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We save you time by automating many resource consuming tasks, like replacing expired or cancelled credit cards.

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With our Salesforce and Zapier apps, you can easily export data into external platforms.

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Global fundraising

With GivingTech, you can fundraise tax-deductibly at home and around the world.

100 Currencies
to receive payments in.
9 Languages
to fundraise in.
32 Countries
to give tax-deductions.
1 platform
to simplify fundraising.

We're the world leader in international fundraising. We're Israel's leader in international fundraising.

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Here's how we compare to some of the other donating and crowdfunding platforms in Israel:

IsraelGives Giveback Drove JGive Charidy CauseMatch
Plaform fee 0% 9% 5-7% 2.9% 5-10% 5-10%
Donation forms
Task management
Countries for international tax-receipts 32 0 0 4 2 3

*Please note that this table is based on the most up to date information that we had when publishing this article. Refer to each company's website for the most accurate pricing and service information.


Nonprofit clients


Year founded


Tax-deductible countries


Products and services

3 points about GivingTech.

The most important tools for a fundraiser are a CRM to manage donors and leads, a marketing system to communicate with them, a fundraising platform to raise funds, and a task management to seize opportunities. With GivingTech you get all of these in one single platform.
Instead of charging you a fee we ask the donor to leave us a tip. Most donors do, and this helps to fund our platform. If you choose to remove our tip mechanism we'll charge you a 2.9% platform fee, but you can use our Cover my Fee feature to get the donor to increase their donation to pay this fee.
Registering for GivingTech is free, and open to any non-profit organization in the world. If you're non-profit is from the U.S., Canada, U.K., or Australia, just enter your charity ID number and follow the brief registration steps. If you're from another country, contact us and we'll add you to our database.
There's no commitment and no payment method required.

Loved by non-profits around the globe.

Since 2009, GivingTech has been helping charities and non-profits with CRM, marketing, and fundraising solutions. Here are a few of their experiences.

Paul Leiba
Leket Israel

We've been working with GivingTech since 2009, and they've helped us to become our country's leading online fundraising organization. We love that we can create instant campaigns, and fundraise in 40 currencies.

Judy Singer
Gift of Life

We rely on recurring donations to fund our like saving activities, and GivingTech's platform is the best there is. We have many recurring donations that are now going on 8 years and more because they automatically update expired cards for us.

Orly Bar-Lev
Social Activist

GivingTech has helped to bring my cause into the public conversation. Their campaign platform helped me to raise one-time and recurring donations to support my cause, and their CRM and marketing tools help me to manage my donors. And best of all - it's all free!

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