Stronger, Longer-Lasting
Recurring Donations

Recurring donors are worth 3 times more on average than one-time donors. But only if you can ensure that the donations keep processing.
GivingTech can help you to raise more recurring donations, and help them to last forever

We're all about recurring donors

You've come to the right place for recurring payments

GivingTech offers one of the most feature-rich and user-friendly platforms for raising and managing your recurring payments.

  • Recurring monthly and yearly payments in 40 currencies by credit card and Paypal
  • Control the sum and processing date of a payment, stop and re-start it at any time
  • Manually replace a payment method, or have credit cards automatically update
  • Automate emails to donors when their recurring donation can't process

Automatic Card Updater

There's nothing more valuable than a recurring donation. But credit cards expire, or are sometimes lost or cancelled.

To solve this, we developed Infinity Donations, a service that automatically replaces expired or cancelled cards with the new replacement number.

  • Works in all currencies
  • Credit card and Paypal
  • Automated and automatic - nothing for you or your donor to do
Engaging and Managing Recurring Donors

Manage recurring donor data

Easily manage your recurring donors from your GivingTech dashboard and use the data collected to engage them personally.

Organize by frequency, payment start and expiration date, date of next charge, campaign, and status (whether running or stopped). If a recurring payment fails, you can view the reason why and the date on which it failed, and easily stop and re-start recurring donations, or replace the credit card number of expiry date.

Launch Fundraising Campaigns For Recurring Donations

With GivingTech, you can build a crowdfunding campaign specifically aimed at raising recurring donors and donations