Artificial intelligence

Using AI in fundraising

GivingTech is using AI to help provide service and support to your donors, to increase your average donation size with AI-powered suggested sums, and to identify payment fraud. Check out our set of AI features, or see our AI blog below to learn more about how AI is changing the way that non-profits fundraise.

And in case you're wondering, all of the images on this page were created by AI.

AI Donor Support

Donor Chatbot

You're not always online - you've got a non-profit to run after all. But if your donor needs help - especially to make a donation - you need to be available. By using our ChatGPT-powered Chatbot, you can let AI provide customer support to your donors, whether it's in completing a donation, creating a campaign, getting a tax-receipt, and more!

AI Cybersecurity

Fraud and chargeback protection

Over 80% of non-profits have experienced chargeback fees because stolen credit cards were used to make donations on their forms. To protect you against chargeback fees and fraud, we use AI to instantly identify people testing stolen credit cards on your donation form, automatically cancel their donations, and then block their email and IP addresses.

SmartSums increases your average donation by 7%

Is your donation form showing the same 5 suggested donation sums to all donors, no matter their giving ability? SmartSums is an AI-powered technology that increases your donor's average donation by 7% on average by showing each donor a set of suggested amounts tailored to their previous donation sum.

AI-Powered Payment Conversion

Rescue My Donation

7% of donors who try to donate are unsuccessful. Either they entered the wrong credit card, or they filled out the donation form and didn't complete the transaction. Either way, that's a lot of money left on the table (if your organization is raising $100,000 online, that's over $7,000 lost). With Rescue My Donation, we use AI help to rescue these lost donations before they start, saving you thousands of dollars a year.

Will AI replace fundraisers?

This is a question I've been asked a lot recently (particularly among my fundraiser colleagues). My answer is: yes, but only partially.

Can AI help me to fundraise?

Chatbots are increasingly helping to fill the staff gap. This is good news for fundraisers who can specialize, and bad news for those who can't.

How AI can impact recurring donations

A recurring donation is worth a lot more than a one-time donation - 42% more in fact. But in reality, it could be worth much, much more.