Product & Ticket Sales

Because it should be easy for nonprofits to make a living.

We make it easy for you to sell online.

Sometimes a person can't live on donations alone. So with StoreFront, we make it easy for you to sell products and tickets online.

Product Sales

Create products. Show what they look like. Set the quantity that you have available, and then price the product in up to 45 currencies. Then install your StoreFront right into your own website. We'll take care of the rest.

Integrates right into your own website

No need for designing a new website. Just install the StoreFront widget as an iframe right inside your own website

Easy payment and receipting

We'll process payments using your Stripe or PayPal accounts for instant fund access, and receipt in your name.

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Minisite Widget iframe

Ticket Sales

Want to sell tickets online to a fundraising event? We make it as simple as can be. Set your ticket types and quantities (and price, in multiple currencies), and you're ready to go, with the StoreFront widget, or a custom-designed mini-site. And if you need a seating chart to sell individual seats, we got you covered.

iframe or mini-site

Install the StoreFront widget as an iframe, or we can create you a custom mini-site for your fundraising event.

Extra donation

We make it easy for your donor to add an extra (one-time or monthly) donation to their ticket purchase.

Seating chart

Give us the seating chart of your venue, mark the sections and pricing, and your supporters can buy specific seats online!

See an example
Minisite Widget iframe

Some great features standard in StoreFront

Payment methods

Live Support

We provide chatbot and human support to your donors, as they give.


Fundraise in 45 currencies and create your StoreFront in 8 languages.

Fully customizable

Install the StoreFront widget it as an iframe or modal, or we can create you a full minisite for your event.

Tax-deductible receipting

We'll provide tax-deductible e-receipts for you in Israel, the U.S., Canada, UK, Australia, and Europe.

Mobile friendly

One-click payment makes our form the absolute fastest and easiest way to give online.

Extra donation

In addition to their purchase, you can invite your support to add an extra one-time or recurring donation.

Simple pricing

There is a 5% fee for your StoreFront purchases. This includes the standard credit card fee.

The transaction and credit card fee is


If you don't find your question and answer, just click on the live chat button.

Where do I start?
Go to the "StoreFront" section of your account. You'll then see an easy-to-use wizard that will help you to create your sales widget. You'll then receive the iframe code that you'll install in your website.

If you'd like us to design a minisite for your event or for your product sales, just reach out to us on live chat and we'll discuss how we can help. Expect a cost of around $500 (depending on what you're looking for), and a turn-around time of about a week.
What are the standard credit card fees?
What are the fees for payments in foreign currencies?
    We provide tax-deductible receipts to your international donors. If a payment is made in a foreign currency, there will be an additional fee of 2.5% per transaction when you have subscribed to each international partner's virtual office, and 5% when you have not.